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Motherland - Photographs from 2014-2016

Daniel Lee Postaer

Daniel Lee Postaer: Motherland

Solo Presentation: Photographs from 2014 - 2016

Born in Chicago in 1978, and raised in Los Angeles, Daniel Lee Postaer inherited his deep fascination with China through his Shanghainese mother. His large-format photographic works, un-staged yet controlled, with a touch of humor, present his feelings to his Motherland. Through the microcosm of current social values, he dialectically captures and narrates the truth and beauty hidden within the quotidian moment.

Since 2014, Postaer has been pursuing his Motherland project with a keen eye attuned to the identification and juxtaposition of error anomalies lurking in plain view, overlaid with an inquiry into the relations of duty and possibility at the human interstices between that which has happened and that Which is about to happen. Postaer's highly detailed color photographs are eerily familiar, creating subtle and powerful questions around our current experience of the Urban.

Exhibition Title: Daniel Lee Postaer: Motherland
Exhibition Dates: August 12 - September 16, 2017
Opening Reception: August 12, 2017 4-7pm

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